Melissa Williams is a Psychic Medium. She has been psychic since a young child. She doesn't want to bore you with her life story but one day she may write a book. For now Melissa's here to bring you the messages with her gift of Clairvoyance, Empathy, Clairsentient and guidance she gains using her deviation tools. such a the Tarot cards.

Melissa is here to help guide you and is not here to judge you. If your unsure of a reading, contact Psychic Melissa though the website and you can work out a reading best for you together.

The deviation tools she uses are the Tarot cards, Tea leafs, Runes, Angel cards, Animal Cards, she also interprets dreams.

Melissa is studying Reiki healing presently and is soon to be open to giving distant healing, she also is fond of Astrology and in time they will be a source to gain Astrology readings from Melissa. You can however have Calendar Tarot readings, which is 12 cards for the 12 months ahead or monthly Tarot readings, to predict the month ahead.

Psychic Melissa has many readings she can offer you. The page under Readings Available has a short description of a few.

Any questions please contact Melissa through this website or her fb page / group @psychic Melissa williams

For legal reason all readings arefor entertainment purpose only, and Melissa does not do questions of legal, financial or medical matters!